Study Grant

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Study grant 2017 Edition

1. The “Felice Gianani” foundation hereby announces a competition to win an annual study grant entitled Felice Gianani and reserved to graduates, citizens of the European Union that wish to perfect studies in law and economics issue, with reference to the economy and to the law of national and international financial markets, in a country other than that of their origin, by attending a course or by carrying out a research programme with an envisaged duration of no less than 9 months.

2. The amount of the study grant has been established as € 10,300.00. An additional sum corresponding to 80% of university taxes will be added to said amount, which in any event will not exceed € 10,000.00. The study grant may not be combined with any other study grant or cheque.

3. The following may apply: citizens of countries of the European Union that obtained a specialist degree or equivalent qualification after 30 June 2014 with the highest mark from a university or equivalent institute.

4. The application to the competition must be received by the competition Secretariat – Piazza del Gesù, 49 – 00186 Rome, or email address [email protected]  by the final deadline of 31 October 2017. The stamp and date applied on the day the application arrives will be considered valid.:

– name, surname and date of birth;

– the address to which any correspondence should be sent, as well as a telephone number;

– that he/she is a citizen of a European Union country;

– that he/she has not committed any criminal offences and not to be subject to precautionary measures;

– a detailed schedule of the studies that the applicant envisages undertaking, and for which he/she is requesting the study grant;

– the objective that the applicant aims to achieve in the field of study, also with relation to that already undertaken, and to a subsequent professional career;

– that he/she does not possess another study grant for the period to which this study grant applies and that he/she will advise of the award of any subsequent study grant.

– that he/she authorizes the processing of personal data pursuant to Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003, and the eventual publication of the material posted on the website of the Foundation or its possible spread.

The application must also contain the following documents:

– an original degree certificate, or a legally certified copy, which shows the marks obtained in individual examinations and in the degree examination, as well as the date on which the degree was awarded;

– a detailed curriculum vitae;

– two copies of the degree dissertation;

– a summary of the degree dissertation of not more than ten pages;

– any other documentation (written works, publications, professional and cultural qualifications, academic certificates etc.) regarding scientific, didactic and research activities conducted and that the applicant retains useful to submit to the Commission in order to make its decision;

– appropriate certificates confirming good knowledge of the English language or the language of the country in which the applicant intends to perfect his/her studies. With the exclusion of the official certificates, all of the documentation presented by applicants may be drawn up in Italian, English or French.

5. The study grant will be awarded on the basis of a decision that may not be appealed against, by 31 March 2018, by a Commission chaired by the Chairman of the “Felice Gianani” Foundation, comprised of university professors.

6. The winner of the competition must send the Secretariat the following documents on unstamped paper, within 30 days of the date on which the award of the grant is notified, otherwise he/she will lose his/her right to the grant:

– a birth certificate or a substitute declaration signed by the interested party;

– a certificate of citizenship of the country of origin or a substitute declaration signed by the interested party;

– a certificate issued by the competent authority that states that the applicant does not have any pending criminal proceedings, has not committed any criminal offences and has not been subject to precautionary measures;

– a declaration undertaking not to use other study grants during the period to which this study grant applies.

The receiver of the study grant must promptly communicate the start date of the study or research programme indicated in the application, which may not be extended beyond 31 October 2018. On a quarterly basis, he/she must send the competition Secretariat reports illustrating the progress of the programme undertaken, any variations to which may only be authorised by the Foundation.

7. The study grant will be awarded as follows: one third in advance and the remaining amount in 3 quarterly instalments paid in arrears. The applicant may make a documented request for the advance payment of the sums relating to the individual instalments of university taxes. Payments may be interrupted in the event that attendance of the course undertaken is suspended, even if temporarily, and in the event that it appears from the quarterly reports or information acquired that the receiver of the grant is not profiting from the course undertaken, or is not progressing with the research programme undertaken. The final report must be accompanied by an opinion on the receiver of the grant and on the results obtained by the same, drawn up by the supervisor assigned to the same.

8. Participation in the competition entails the acceptance of the contents of this announcement.

Rome, 21 June 2017

The Chairman
of the “Felice Gianani” Foundation

Gian Maria Pietro-Gros